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0 BCW71K SMBT2907 LSGT677-HK SDA2121-2 SFH309FA-4 LPT770-G LYT776-R LSGT770-HK LGK380-P SAB-C501G-L40P LPK382-P SAF-C505-LM SAB80C517A-N18 LSA676-Q SMBD2835 SFH229FA BF840 TLE4276GV50 BF775A BFN37 LY5420-MQ BFR180W BRT13M LGZ185-CO CGY191 BCX78 SRD00215C BB659C

Infineon Datasheets Catalog-115

Part NoManufacturerApplication
HYM72V8035GS-60 Infineon8M x 72bit EDO-DRAM module
BUZ60 InfineonN-channel SIPMOS power transistor
BCW71K InfineonPNP silicon AF transistor
SMBT2907 InfineonPNP silicon switching transistor
LSGT677-HK InfineonMulti super-red/green TOPLED
SDA2121-2 InfineonPLL with I2C bus for AM/FM receivers
SFH309FA-4 InfineonSilicon NPN phototransistor
LPT770-G InfineonPure green TOPLED
LYT776-R InfineonYellow TOPLED
LSGT770-HK InfineonMulti super-red/green TOPLED
LGK380-P InfineonGreen 3mm LED
SAB-C501G-L40P Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller for external memory (40 MHz)
LPK382-P InfineonPure green 3mm LED
SAF-C505-LM Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller
SAB80C517A-N18 Infineon8-bit CMOS microcontroller
LSA676-Q InfineonSuper-red SIDELED
SMBD2835 InfineonSilicon switching diode array
SFH229FA InfineonSilicon PIN photodiode with very short switching time
BF840 InfineonNPN silicon RF transistor
TLE4276GV50 InfineonLow-drop voltage regulator
BF775A InfineonNPN silicon RF transistor
BFN37 InfineonPNP silicon high-voltage transistor
LY5420-MQ Infineon5mm yellow LED
BFR180W InfineonNPN silicon RF transistor
BRT13M InfineonSITAC AC switches without zero voltage switch
LGZ185-CO InfineonGreen 2mm array LED
CGY191 InfineonGaAs MMIC
BCX78 InfineonPNP silicon AF transistor
SRD00215C InfineonTernary PIN photodiode with pigtail
BB659C InfineonSilicon variable capacitance diode

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