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117CST-3.3TR PHP500 1N6106A SC2982CSK-3.6.TR EZ1085CM-3.3TR 1N6120 MP60-F SLVDA28TC 1N6112A SMDA05C-5TB SC1182-2.5CSW.TR SC1131CT-3.3SB E647ATF EZ1117ACM-2.5.TR SC431LCZ-1TR E692AHJ SK10EL12WD UR6HCSPS2-SP40-FG SK10LVE111E LCDA15TB SC1123.6CSK.TR 1N6141 UR5HCFJL-16-FN EZ1580CT-2.

Semtech Datasheets Catalog-16

Part NoManufacturerApplication
1N6171 Semtech1500W BI-polarity transient voltage suppressor
MP60-E-HC SemtechPentium PRO processor voltage regulator module
SC1117CST-3.3TR Semtech3.3V 0.8 AMP positive voltage regulator
PHP500 Semtech7.500 & 15.000 watt TVS module
1N6106A SemtechQPL 500 watt axial leaded TVS
SC2982CSK-3.6.TR Semtech3.6V 50mA ultra low dropout, low noise micropower linear regulator
EZ1085CM-3.3TR Semtech3.3V 3.0AMP positive voltage regulator
1N6120 Semtech500W BI-polarity transient voltage suppressor
MP60-F SemtechKlamath processor voltage regulator module
SLVDA28TC SemtechLow voltage TVS diode array for ESD and latch-up protection
1N6112A SemtechQPL 500 watt axial leaded TVS
SMDA05C-5TB SemtechBidirectional TVS array
SC1182-2.5CSW.TR Semtech2.5V programmable synchronous DC/DC converter
SC1131CT-3.3SB Semtech3.3V combination switching controller and low dropout regulator
E647ATF SemtechPin electronics driver, window comporator and switch matrix
EZ1117ACM-2.5.TR Semtech2.5V 0.8 & 1.0 AMP positive voltage regulator
SC431LCZ-1TR SemtechLow voltage adjustable shunt regulator
E692AHJ SemtechDual pin electronics driver
SK10EL12WD SemtechLow impedance driver
UR6HCSPS2-SP40-FG SemtechConverts PS/2 data to serial or SPI
SK10LVE111E SemtechLow voltage 19 differential ECL/PECL clock driver
LCDA15TB SemtechLow capacitance TVS diode array
SC1123.6CSK.TR Semtech3.6V 105mA ultra low dropout micropower linear regulator
1N6141 Semtech1500W BI-polarity transient voltage suppressor
UR5HCFJL-16-FN SemtechZero-power keyboard encoder
EZ1580CT-2.5 Semtech2.5 V dual input low dropout regulator
SK10EL14WD Semtech15 clock distribution chip
1N6113A SemtechQPL 500 watt axial leaded TVS
SD15CTC SemtechSingle line TVS diode
SC1633-3CSTR Semtech3.0V low voltage step-up DC-DC converter

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